CobraSet Sandberg
43.99 €

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Produto n.º: 125-59
EAN: 5705730125591

The Sandberg CobraSet is perfect for virtually all situations, whether you use it to chat on the Internet, play computer games or listen to music. The headset is just the right size; it doesn't feel too big or heavy to wear, but it still provides you with a sublime sound experience. The inline volume control and microphone switch are easy to reach.

The British website Gadgetoid has tested the Sandberg CobraSet (4 December 2008). They said:

» sits comfortably on the head for long periods of time without bother and has excellent sound quality, especially considering the price tag...«

"Forbrugerelektronik Magasinet" has mentioned the Sandberg CobraSet (7 May 2008). They said:

»... high quality music and speech...something to suit all tastes without any reduction in quality...«

"Magasinet Digitalt " has mentioned the Sandberg CobraSet (11 April 2008). They said:

»... Sandberg has created a headset that not only does a little of everything, but does it to perfection. Music and speech are rendered in the very highest quality. It looks trendy...Bass and treble are pure and precise...It is more than just the sum of its parts...It's a real pleaser.«



Produto Embalagem
Altura 28.5 cm
Largura 24.5 cm
Profundidade 10.5 cm
Peso 500 g